Norwich Market Pins: 5 minutes with c.h.r.i.n.g.o

As keen supporters of local artists, creatives and independent businesses alike, we were delighted to be approached by Christian Kett AKA c.h.r.i.n.g.o designer and creator of the Norwich Market pin when he was keen to sell them here behind the bar. We had a catch up with Christian about all things pins…

What was the starting point for your pins and why have you created them?

The starting point for these pins was actually a couple of years back. It was designed as a logo for a friend who was working with Norwich Market at the the time… It never really saw the light of day but I always liked it.
Anyone who knows Norwich will know our market and how important it is to the city and when I revisited the project a year or two later, a pin badge that people could wear and identify with seemed like a nice way to encapsulate that.

Are you from Norfolk originally? 

I am. I’m not actually living there right now but I think it will always be my home.

What do you love most about the fine city?

I love the people, the pubs, the community, the lanes, all of the small businesses, the independence, the creativity... it’s ‘a fine city’

What would your dream pin badge design be and why?

I’m not sure I really have a dream pin badge design, I’ve always worn them though. Aside from being fun and looking cool, I think without getting to deep, that they are a little bit of your heart that you wear on your sleeve (or jacket pocket) so they will always be around, and will always be an important part of design and culture.

Screen shot 2019-06-03 at 16.00.42.png

Grab yours now from the bar for £6 and we will donate £3 from every pin to Nelson’s Journey charity!


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